!D Cloud – RFID in the cloud

!D Cloud is a cloud-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that functions as a scalable integration layer between the existing ERP system and RFID readers. There is no need to replace your existing IT infrastructure, add any new in-store infrastructure or change the current ERP system. !D Cloud enables you to quickly benefit from the RFID deployment and also grow with you during a future RFID roll-out.

RFID handheld readers vs. fixed readers

The !D Cloud software platform supports various RFID handheld and fixed (overhead) RFID readers which offer you maximum flexibility. You can for example easily start with a handheld inventory solution with limited costs and complexity and switch to an inventory solution with fixed RFID readers later once you have proven your business case.

Handheld reader solution
Optimize the stock accuracy with weekly counts

Using !D Cloud with RFID handheld readers is the perfect starting point to raise your in-store stock accuracy through weekly counts. Taking inventory fast, often and accurately enables you to gain an understanding of your actual stock. Any empty shelves can be replenished and any causes of stock differences, through losses or administrative errors, can be identified and dealt with more quickly. All you need is an RFID handheld reader and a mobile device.

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Fixed reader solution
Continuously count in-store inventory

Using !D Cloud with fixed (overhead) RFID readers is an ideal next step if you require to collect the exact location of each item. Fixed overhead readers continuously count and reconcile the in-store inventory. This is an ideal solution if your shoes are for example spread throughout several departments on different levels and not only in the shoe department. In that case, RFID overhead readers can offer you the much needed insight into the exact location of your merchandise or provide you with up-to-date refill suggestions.

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What are the key differences between RFID solutions using handheld readers and fixed RFID readers in terms of read accuracy, complexity and costs?

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