!D Cloud App feature update: Search & destroy RFID labels

Today’s !D Cloud app release (v 3.5) introduces two new features, which make it possible to easily find and ‘kill’ RFID labels in a retail store.

Search RFID labels
The latest !D Cloud app version introduces an advanced search functionality. With this improved search feature, it is now possible to locate individual RFID labels faster, which is especially important in stores with a large amount of merchandise on the sales floor and/ or in the stock room. The search feature saves a significant amount of time e.g. when a specific item is requested by a customer. It also helps to speed up in-store replenishment and the localization of a number of items to fulfill an online order directly from the store.

Destroy RFID labels
The ‘destroy’ feature makes it possible to ‘kill’ RFID labels, which makes it impossible to read the RFID label any longer. The destroy feature can for example be used if a customer demands that the RFID label is deactivated at the cash desk. The feature is also ideal if merchandise is still present in the store that is no longer on the stock list of the store.

Download the !D Cloud app in the Apple App Store.