!D Cloud App feature update: Progress bar per article category

In the latest !D Cloud app release (v3.3), Nedap introduces the “progress bar per category” as an add-on to the “Assisted Counting” functionality. This new feature makes RFID stock taking in retail stores even simpler, because the store staff gets detailed feedback on their count progress on article category level, which helps them do a better job, faster.

“Assisted Counting” gives instant user feedback concerning the count progress during an RFID count. To make RFID stock taking even easier for the store staff, this feature is now extended with the “progress bar per category”, which is displayed underneath the general progress bar.

The !D Cloud App is the only RFID for apparel app that shows the count progress and what has not been counted yet in real time. This user feedback makes RFID stock taking even more intuitive and less error prone, because users get live feedback on the recently read items and what has not been counted yet. Resulting in faster, more accurate RFID counts and happy store staff.

Download the !D Cloud app in the Apple App Store.