Omnichannel retail needs accurate stock data

Customers are more demanding than ever, both in brick and mortar stores and online, and want to buy what they want to buy – and not something else. Instantly, and not later. Therefore making sure that a product in the right size and the right color is available for your customer is crucial these days. However, merchandise availability should not result in overstocked stores and the associated high capital cost. That is why accurate stock information at all times is key.

Accurate stock data requires RFID

RFID technology makes it possible to automate your in-store stock management – resulting in optimal merchandise availability for your customers and an in-store stock accuracy of over 98%. Incorrect shipments, administrative errors and faulty ERP data that lead to unneeded out-of-stock situations are finally a thing of the past.

RFID handhelds & fixed readers

The !D Cloud software platform supports various RFID handheld and fixed RFID readers which offer you maximum flexibility. You can for example easily start with a handheld inventory solution with limited costs and complexity and switch to an inventory solution with fixed RFID overhead readers later once you have proven your business case.

Using !D Cloud with an RFID handheld is the perfect starting point to raise your in-store stock accuracy through weekly counts. Taking inventory fast, often and accurately enables you to gain an understanding of your actual stock.

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Using !D Cloud with fixed (overhead) readers is the ideal next step if you require to collect the exact location of each item. Fixed overhead readers continuously count and reconcile the in-store inventory.

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The fact that !D Cloud is a standard product and a hosted cloud solution (SaaS) introduces a very low total cost of ownership.

€ 49
per store per month
  • RFID counting
  • Assisted counting
  • Difference list
  • Excel and CSV import and export
  • API for integration
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€ 98
per store per month
all of Starter plus:

  • Synchronised counting with multiple handhelds
  • Support for sub-locations
  • Goods receiving
  • Not on shelf
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€ 149
per store per month
all of Standard plus:

  • Real-time stock and stock movements
  • Process sales/returns
  • Electronic Article Surveillance
  • ERP integration by Nedap*
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€ 249
per store per month
all of Plus plus:

  • Support for continuous reading with overhead readers
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all of extended plus:

  • On-premise hosting
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RFID in the cloud

The benefits of RFID make it a no brainer to implement. However implementations used to be complex and time consuming. Until now. Nedap !D Cloud makes it easy to implement RFID in your stores. Because !D Cloud is able to process and exchange data on barcode level (EAN13, UPC12 or any other) but still lever the benefits of unique item level information. There is no need to modify or replace your ERP system and there is a minimal need to involve your IT department. The cloud-based solution allows easy data analysis and comparisons between stores. This makes !D Cloud the must consider option for your business.

The !D Cloud software is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution based on cloud computing with a multi-tenant database design (SaaS level 3). This makes !D Cloud a highly robust, internationally scalable and competitive solution.

  • Delivered over the cloud: access on any web browser
  • Reduced IT support costs by outsourcing software, system maintenance and support
  • Requires a smaller initial spend to license software
  • Software updates and ongoing enhancements become available as developed
  • Reduced time to benefit

To ensure interoperability between in-store solutions and other parts of the supply chain, !D Cloud is based on the GS1 EPC standards. That means that RFID labels are encoded using the EPC SGTIN-96 standard, the readers communicate via the EPC Gen2v2 Air Interface (RAIN RFID) and the interfacing between systems is based on the EPCIS 1.1 standard.

Logo GS1

With !D Cloud, there is no need to replace your existing stock management and/or ERP system. !D Cloud just makes sure that those systems will get accurate data. It can easily be integrated with all major retail ERP systems – both on EPC (serialized) and/or GTIN (quantity) level.

!D Cloud is founded on API’s (Application Programming Interfaces). All those API’s are accessible to our customers or 3rd party solution providers. This means that !D Cloud can be easily be extended or integrated with other RFID applications in your stores, the Distribution Centers or higher up in the supply chain.

All API’s are secured with industry standard OAuth authentication.

Microsoft SAP Oracle

It takes one minute to set up !D Cloud for one store, but it just as easily scales to hundreds or thousands of stores. The state-of-art database technology foundation of !D Cloud is able to support the billions of events generated by in-store readers and applications. In one country or across the globe, because this is why you want to pick a cloud solution instead of doing it all yourself.

The architecture of !D Cloud is highly robust to withstand failures and physically runs in multiple datacenters using internet connections with failover that are certified up to the highest standards. All this guaranteed in an SLA from us that you can show your business.

How to…

In case you wonder how you can get started with !D Cloud, how you can get RFID labels on your products or how you can use Software as a Service, we have bundled these and other tips in the HOW TO section.

How to get started with !D Cloud

Once you are convinced that using RFID with !D Cloud is the way forward, there are still preparations required to reap the benefits of RFID. Most of your articles need to be equipped with RFID labels. This is still a significant investment – if you haven’t proven RFID will work for your company. But, how can you prove RFID, if there are no products tagged?

Nedap Retail has a unique, low cost high impact, three stage approach that will solidify the business case for the usage of RFID in your company. This is how we have been successful with over 25 retailers to get RFID signed off at board level.

  1. Workshop In a workshop with your stakeholders and our business experts, we put together a business case based on the specifics of your business, our experience and benchmark it against results of comparable retailers.
  2. Pilot The business case is validated in a set of stores, with a selection of tagged merchandise. The products can be tagged in the DC or in store. We are there to support you with the whole process of initiating and running the pilot, step by step, for each store.
  3. Roll-out With a proven business case, we will prepare you for roll-out and take care of the end to end execution.

Typically it takes less than a month from the initial contact to the pilot.

How to get RFID on the products

To gain the benefits from using !D Cloud in your stores, the articles in your store need to have RFID labels on them. Nedap provides you with all the ways to do this, which allow you to move smoothly from proving the business case in a few stores to a full scale roll-out. Where in-store or DC tagging is replaced with source-tagging, we work together with the most advanced and reliable RFID label suppliers in the world and will take care of RFID-specific topics, like item serialization, best label/chip combination for your application selection and quality testing.

Of course it is possible to continue working with your existing trim provider as well. If needed, we will advise on the requirements and educate them on the RFID technology aspects and put processes in place to verify the quality and fit-for-purpose of the RFID labels they propose. In the end, the solution is only as good as the weakest link and we at Nedap like to partner with you to make sure the total solution works as designed and gets you the return on investment we jointly aimed for.

If your products already have RFID labels, great! If they are encoded with GS1 compatible standards, you can start with !D Cloud tomorrow.

How to choose the right inventory solution

If you wonder whether to choose an inventory solution using RFID handhelds or fixed RFID readers, we can help you out. Simply download the white paper “Deciding for a fixed RFID infrastructure” and find out what is right for your retail organization.

How to program RFID labels

1. Encode with handheld
The easiest way to program blank labels, is to do ‘Scan & Encode’ with a handheld reader linked to the !D Cloud app. The employee will first scan the product barcode, and then in a second step program the serialized barcode (EPC) in the RFID label. This will predominantly be used in the stores for incidental encoding labels.

2. Print
‘Scan & Print’ also works with a barcode reader, but instead of encoding plain labels with a handheld- a RFID label printer will print and encode the label at the same time. This process can happen in the Distribution Center, or in the store when larger volume is to be printed.

3. Pre-printed labels
When moving to a larger scale implementation, the RFID labels need to be applied either at manufacturing, or in the Distribution Center. The best solution is to use pre-printed RFID labels or tags, based on the quantities ordered at the garment manufacturer. We have partnered with companies that have a large network of local print shops and deliver excellent quality around the globe.


Around 70% of our retail revenue is generated from replenished items. Therefore, having a high accuracy on inventory data is crucial to ensure product availability. It is not enough to know that the products are in the store. We have to be sure they are on the shelf as well – RFID provides the necessary foundation to give the store employees the tools to achieve this.

– Hans Petter Hübert, Retail Director at Moods of Norway

Moods of Norway | Hans Petter Huebert
River Island

Fashion retailer River Island uses !D Cloud to raise the stock accuracy, which also paves the way for omnichannel services like ship-from-store or Buy Online Pickup In Store.

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Moods of Norway

Norwegian fashion brand Moods of Norway optimizes the in-store stock accuracy in the brand stores to over 98% using !D Cloud, driving in-store and webshop sales.

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!D Cloud is powered by Nedap Retail

Nedap in brief

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Nedap has 8 sales offices and 3 support hubs for retail to cover your 24/7 needs. We are present in 103 countries with 84 business partners serving retailer’s local needs in over 100.000 stores. Learn more about Nedap

Nedap for Retail

We enable our retail clients to improve the performance of every store they operate. We can do this because we understand the challenges retailers face, and have developed the most advanced retail technology to overcome them.

Our systems are helping global retailers to eradicate lost sales, and giving them the real-time information they need. Everything we do is driven by our passion to help retailers to perform better. Learn more about Nedap Retail

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